Hi, I'm David.

I'm currently a Photography student at MTU Crawford College of Art & Design, although my addiction to image making goes back a lot further than that. Turns out that my little creative streak was much more than an eccentric little tendency. I have been image making things in one way or another before I was evan talking. Usually pencils were involved at the time.

At ten or eleven I discovered Sony Vegas Pro 13, with thanks to one of my close friends to this day. All of a sudden I was making videos, terrible videos but videos nonetheless. I learned a lot of the technical basics I use on a daily basis now. I didn't stumble across the idea of still images until we took a class trip to go ice skating in 2016. Spoiler alert: there was zero interest on my end to get on the ice. I took some photos on my phone, and long story short, I was swallowed up by a rabbit hole that has led me here.

As a result of the above events, my hand has metamorphosed into a camera. You would be more likely to discover Big Foot than you would be to find me without an image capturing device on my person somewhere, be it brand new, twenty years old, or a D.I.Y. job. Welcome to my world.



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