Hi there! I'm David.

It seems that I might just be the photographer for you! If it needs doing, I'll find a way to make it happen. There's little I'm unwilling to do for my craft. I've literally designed, then built cameras (and some lenses to fit), one of which ended up used on a short film set.

I've been taking photos for roughly seven or eight years now, although I've been exposed to photographic techniques for a long time before I picked up a camera for the first time. I grew up looking over my father's shoulder as he learned Photoshop CS2, and later used CS3. I must have been no older than three to four years old at the time, but as life tends to do what life does, one thing led to another and now I'm here.

If there's a risk to take in the process of crafting a concept or idea, I'll take it. In the words of George Lois, "You can be cautious or you can be creative" -the point being that you can't be both.

Amazing things happen when people work together, so send me an email a message through my contact form.



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