-Having gained a very keen interest in art from a young age, my interest shifted to photography within my early teens. I love to mess around with optics, and find new ways to exploit my medium. I have designed and constructed several unique lenses of my own, using parts from any and all old optics I could get my hands on.

Personal Projects

-In July 2021 I began developing a camera design of my own, a camera obscura which allows me to capture 6x4" Large format photos and video on an APSC camera. This involves whatever large format lens I desire, as I can modify any lens to have my wooden lens mount. This projects onto a translucent screen (Which acts as a pseudo sensor). Because it uses a translucent screen I can put a taking camera behind it and use the setup to take anything from photos to video. Although a bit of a gimmick and unsuitable for most professional work, it provides an interesting experimental photographic tool, with some occasionally stunning results. I completed the project late September of 2021. I actively use the camera when I can to this day.


  • German Products Ireland

  • The Independent Worker's Union of Ireland

  • Bishopstown Community School.